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Seasonal Maple Tree Pack

I created the Seasonal Maple Tree Pack for the Unreal 4 Marketplace. It features fully dynamic seasons, including leaves that fall from trees, accumulate on the ground, grass and flowers that grow, and a dynamic cube map system. As of now, this asset pack is awaiting approval to be posted on the Unreal 4 Marketplace.

First Person Movement for Mobile Prototype

I've never liked the control mechanics for First Person games on mobile. I wanted a simpler system. So, I decided to create this First Person Movement for Mobile Prototype in UDK. Currently there are three functioning mechanics: walking, interacting, and looking around.  The video below demonstrates these mechanics in action.

Reverie - Game Design experiment

Back in 2008, for my senior project at the Guildhall at SMU, I created a Game Design experiment called Reverie. Reverie is an adventure game, created in Source, about a man who's suffered a brain injury and is now in a coma. Players must navigate the man's subconscious mind to learn more about his life prior to the accident. This video is a walk through of the first two chapters of the story.

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